Writing in Books

Multiple friends of mine abhor writing in books. I, however, love it. I will admit it is an art few people master, but it is a pleasure coming across a second-hand book (or *gasp* library book) where one or more readers have left a little of themselves in the margins. Perhaps an underlined phrase every couple pages. Or a well-placed word or two in the margins. Nothing overwhelming. Nothing that would disrupt your reading unless you wish it to. But if you would allow it, here is the communion of readers. More than once a careful note in the margins has granted me deeper understanding of the text in question. Sometimes I merely come across a date, or a name, or some remembrance of a loved one. Here is shared a glimpse into the life of a fellow reader – another person some other place, some other time, who picked up the same book you hold in your hands.

So pick up that pen, and condense that gem of a profound thought into a handful of words on a margin – that posterity might profit.

P.S. Sometimes, of course, I merely jot notes to help myself remember. I used to be wary of writing in Bibles (those sacred objects!) But now I have a 2-dollar Bible for the very purpose, and I can’t help wonder why I had never bothered to do this. It’s much more fun this way.

While I write in books regularly, only my Bible suffers to this severity.

While I write in books regularly, only my Bible suffers to this severity.


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