10 things you learn in the first year of college

This is inspired by a friend’s blog, where she makes lovely lists of 10’s… I hope she doesn’t mind me referencing her. :p

1. How to fluently pronounce long and ridiculous names like “Utnapishtim.”
2. Exactly how long you could go without cleaning your side of the room before your roommate explodes in a shower of angry orange sparkles.
3. Calling one’s brother a “good, sweet kid” is a sign of clinical homesickness.
4. Our college is better than yours, even if we did lose five ball games in a row.
5. Squirrels are evil.
6. Contrary to popular legend, cafeteria food is not poisonous. (At least, I’ve survived so far.)
7. Dorms are sometimes infested by a species of short, invisible fairies.
8. College kids like to spend their free time engaging in the great philosophical debates of our time, such as whether milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate.
9. Procrastination is a fine art.
10. College isn’t so bad after all.


2 thoughts on “10 things you learn in the first year of college

  1. of course i don’t mind! i’m rather happy you recommend my blog :)
    oh, and in my first year of college, i learned that the longest word in english is “antidisestablishmentarianisms”. and that your worst enemy is not the professor but the deadline. sadly, the deadline is much harder to bend to your will… what does “utnapishtim” mean anyway?

    • “Utnapishtim” is the name of the Noah-character in the ancient Babylonian flood-myth. See, we do learn useful things in college!
      [To be honest, I really, really enjoyed those first months of Babylonian myths in history class. :) ]

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