A Darkness More than Night

A Darkness More than Night

city lights, in their multitudes
drowning out the heavenly stars
and smothering, within their bright noises,
the united wail of silent

Call this a poem if you like, but it is merely a string of sentences I jotted down after reading A Darkness More than Night, yet another thriller/detective novel by Michael Connelly.  Like all his books, he throws in grisly details, adult content, and other unpleasant things.  But stripped of that, a very good detective story, like all his books.  I never used to like his protagonist, Harry Bosch.  But over the last two books I read, I’ve come to like him more and more.  In A Darkness More than Night, he and others are dealing with that deep abyss they look into regularly as homicide detectives.  And as one character puts it, “when you look into that darkness, that darkness also looks into you.”  That is the theme of the books: darkness/evil, and agony.  I like that Bosch had failings, very awful, yet very human failings.  I like that he gets a second chance.  I like that he knows his city.  And that he knows he belong there, for all its darkness.  For all its darkness, there is still light. 

These lines do not really reflect what I liked in the book.  They are merely lines, inspired by a tiny bit of the big picture. 

Much of this is probably not making sense.  So read the book if you will.  Much of this probably sounds like it doesn’t belong in a good old detective novel.  But trust me, it does not rob the novel of its thriller qualities, nor does it take anything from the plot.  If you merely want a good, page-turning murder mystery, this is definitely a good one.  But it also has real, compelling characters, which is what makes a good book.



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