A Broken Heart

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve seriously drawn anything.  I always liked drawing, but I was never really good at it.  I could never ever draw people.  So there!  Anyway, a couple days ago this idea popped into my head, along with a couple others.  For some inexplicaple reason, I decided to sit down and draw, and this is what happened. 


The color didn’t turn out to good . . . *kicks scanner*  The paper was white, not such a shade of pink.  But apart from that, I think it turned out okay.  Sorry about the watermark. :p

And in case you haven’t guessed it yet, “Wizard’s Corner” (this category) is for pictures and things, probably of a similar theme. :)



Oct. 6, 2010 EDIT:  I’ve merged the “Spell of Words” with “Wizard’s Corner,” so this category now includes all forms of writing. 



2 thoughts on “A Broken Heart

    • Why, thank you! Praise coming from an artist such as you is truly flattering. :) (I peeked at your album. Great sketches!)


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